Motorized Curtains

Motorized Curtains

The Combination of Comfort and Elegance

4 good reasons to motorize your curtains
With our motorized curtains and myLink app, you can control all your curtains easily via your smartphone or a single remote control. Effortlessly protect your curtains from tearing and keep them perfectly aligned.
Thanks to our easy-to-install wireless motorized system, no costly power connection will be necessary. The curtains work perfectly with a built-in battery guaranteed to last!
Our new range of motorized systems were developed to guarantee you a peacefully quiet home. Because your well-being is our priority, our curtains open and close discreetly without making any irritating noise.
To protect and extend the life of your curtains, we’ve developed efficient high-precision motors. With Somfy solutions, your curtains will always be perfectly aligned to create an elegant ambiance.
Why choose Allure Shade Systems?

Full Protection

All Allure Shade Systems motors are backed by a full 5-year warranty

Highest Quality

Our 270 million customers around the world recognize our commitment to providing the best quality and value

Extensive Experience

Our 40+ years of experience has led to over 450 active patents and 600+ standard approvals worldwide

Allure Shade Systems Services

Allure Shade Systems will guide you through each step of your project to provide you with the best solutions, and guarantee you maximum comfort!