Enclosed Blinds

Enclosed Blinds

In keeping with ODL’s attention to style and design, we are introducing four NEW colours of Enclosed Blinds: Sand, Espresso, Slate Gray, and Silver Moon. With matching privacy channels and operators, the colours of your entry door blinds will always coordinate with your décor. The collection is available in Evolve® frames which provide superior rigidity and eliminate bothersome squeeze out using our dry glaze seal.

Light and Privacy Control

You can close your blinds for complete privacy and security or open them up to enjoy the outdoors—and every level in between. The levels of light and privacy are yours to control using our easy operator. The full privacy channels eliminate light gaps, shadows, and sunlight glare. The NEW colours are offered with Low-E + glass and can meet ENERGY STAR® requirements when used with an ENERGY STAR® qualified door.

Low Maintenance

Since our blinds are enclosed between two panels of glass, you never need to dust which decreases allergens. Even with repeated use, our Enclosed Blinds retain their new look, unlike exposed blinds that can become bent or tangled overtime. ODL Enclosed Blinds carry a 20-year warranty on blinds, glass seal and operator for a long-term performance in your exterior door.


ODL is leading the industry in enclosed blinds that reduce the safety risk for children and pets. Because our Enclosed Blinds do not have dangling cords, they have received two certifications.

WCMA’s “Certified Best for Kids” designation and Parents for Window Blind Safety (PWBS) Seal of Approval. Both organizations strongly urge parents to use window coverings without accessible cords in homes with children. In addition, all of our Enclosed Blinds are offered in tempered safety glass.

Easy to Operate

The ergonomically placed single * operator lets you raise, lower and tilt your blinds the entire length of the door glass with only the slightest movement. No reaching or stooping is needed to adjust the blinds. An innovative design results in stacked blinds that take up the smallest of space at the top of the door glass when fully opened.

* Due to the size and weight of the blinds, the 80” blinds have a dual operator that controls the raise, lower and tilt function.

Maintenance-free option for controlling levels of doorglass light and privacy.

Enclosed blinds mean no dust or dirt, no kinks or dents, and no banging of the blinds when you open and close your door. A cordless design is a safer solution when children or pets are in the house. Light-Touch® blinds are designed and engineered to be used day in and day out. We’ve tested them for more door slamming (50,000 times) and adjusting (10,000 times) than your average household use. The glass seal is warranted for 20 years.

Ergonomic design principles place fingertip control within easy reach.

Relax: Light-Touch® fully enclosed blinds give you a maintenance-free option for controlling levels of doorglass privacy. A single control lets you raise, lower, or stop anywhere in between, and tilt for full privacy, no privacy, or anything in between. Light-Touch blinds provide full coverage of your doorglass, so sunlight, moonlight, and streetlights stay out unless you invite them in.

  • The single operator lets you raise, lower or tilt the blinds in an easy slight movement.
  • Blinds adjust for complete light block, and the privacy channels on each side eliminate light gaps when the blinds are closed—no street light shadows or sunlight glare.
  • More privacy at night and increased sense of security
  • Available in Tan or White blinds.
Energy Efficient

Light-Touch blinds and frames come in tan or white. Frames can be painted or finished to complement door and home finishes. Most Light-Touch blinds are offered with a Low-E glass option. Light-Touch blinds help meet ENERGY STAR® requirements when used with an ENERGY STAR® certified door or sidelight.

Triple-Glazed Enclosed Blinds With Grilles Between Glass

The triple-glazed design suppresses traffic sounds and other unwelcome noises with a STC rating value of 34*. Triple-glazed design also reduces heat transmission by up to 28%. All tripleglazed doorglass is offered with a Low-E glass option.

*STC = Sound Transmission Coefficient. See www.odl.com for more information.

Privacy and Light Control

With the blinds lowered, you control the amount of privacy and light coming into your home. With the blinds raised, you feature your grille door style. Looks and function with none of the cleaning and banging associated with traditional blinds. That’s a triple win!

  • Side operator raises, lowers, and tilts the blind.
  • Triple-glazed design reduces heat transmission by up to 28%.
  • Energy Star® certified when used with an Energy Star certified door or sidelight.
  • Available in white 11/16” contoured grille.
Energy Efficient

Glass + grille + glass + blind + glass = energy efficient, sound dampening, privacy and light control, and the charm of contoured door grilles.