Allusion Blinds



Allusion blinds offer a unique shading solution for the home, providing subtle light diffusion with a view or privacy and security when closed. Allusion blinds filter the daylight during the day yet still offer a view to the outside. Made up of a combination of sheer and opaque textured fabric Allusion blinds look particularly stunning in larger windows, bi-folding and patio doors.

The stunning Allusion blind features the delicacy of a voile while providing the versatility of a vertical blind. Our Allusion blinds are made bespoke to order and really come into their own when used on larger windows and bi-folding doors where the unique flowing fabric vanes allow you to make the most of the light while maintaining your privacy. The Allusion blind is also available in a flame retardant range and are made from high quality polyester that enables you to hand wash the blinds if needed to maintain them in excellent condition. If you are looking for something a little different and elegant to dress your windows with, then why not take another look at the Allusion blind.

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  • Soft flowing vanes filter daylight and retain the view when open
  • Enjoy privacy and security when blinds are closed
  • Access outside space by walking through the blind with the doors open
  • Stylish point of sale material helps to increase Allusion blind sales, brochures and swatch cards available now
  • Allusion blinds are designed to be child safe and we recommend wand operation for convenience and safety
  • Flame retardant fabric options
  • The unique patented weave offers the ultimate in shading flexibility and privacy levels